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Members of the Maritime Animal Rescue converge and are kept abreast of goings-on through Yahoo. Group archives are private; however, new members from rescues or shelters are welcome to join by getting in touch with the moderator.

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Maritime Animal Rescue is a composite of many individuals from varying animal welfare organizations, such as SPCAs, Rescue groups, the Nova Scotia Humane Society and private individuals whose interest is to help animals. Maritime Animal Rescue, in itself, is not a rescue group, rather it is a meeting of many animal welfare groups with the common purpose of helping to re-home abandoned, unwanted pets and ultimately in educating the public about the responsibility and care required when you own a pet.

Maritime Animal Rescue respects the work of all the individuals and groups within the Maritimes to re-home animals in their care. The views or articles expressed on this site are meant to aid with animal welfare / placement and may not represent the opinions of all. If anyone has a concern over anything found on this site please direct your inquiry to either our webmistress or one of our moderators.

Maritime Animal Rescue will endeavor to always maintain its integrity andquestions or suggestions are always greatly appreciated.

Dear Bide Awhile Friend and Animal Lover,

We need your help to fix the problem. As part of our commitment to provide shelter and loving care for homeless and helpless cats and dogs, the issue of spaying and neutering pets is one of our greatest concerns. We see the devastating effects of irresponsible pet owners every day when litters of abandoned kittens are found in boxes on the side of the road, unwanted dogs are neglected and lonely strays roam hungry, lonely and often injured through our neighborhoods. If they're lucky, these animals may find their way to Bide Awhile where we can coax them back to health, show them the power of affection and help find them good homes. But shelters aren't the answer - not only are they generally full, they're not a replacement for the love and care a real home provides a pet. That's why we're launching a new campaign called fixtheproblem.ca to remind people about the importance of spaying and neutering their pet.

Pamela Keddy, creator of the Maritime Animal Rescue network, welcomes Hope Swimimer and her new adoption facility "Homeward Bound City Pound" to the animal adoption society. Please see the "featured dogs and featured cats for adoption " on this site to see the latest dogs available through this new adoption facility.